Strategic Plan


The Texas Southern University High Performance Computing Center (TSU-HPCC) promotes research and teaching by integrating leading edge, high-performance computing and visualization for the faculty, staff, and students of Texas Southern University, as well as advance disciplinary diversity, partnerships, and excellence. Additionally, our secondary mission is to partner with and promote research at underrepresented Universities across the state of Texas.


The HPCC will facilitate research and aid in educational advancement by integrating leading edge, high-performance computing and visualization to individual administrative units, as well as multidisciplinary units across campus. The Center will embrace this disciplinary diversity by creating partnerships across the department and colleges of Texas Southern University and additionally with underrepresented universities across the state of Texas. The center will ensure that Texas Southern University obtains and retains superior computing and visualization facilities for the present and future of the University.


GOAL 1:Technological Innovation:

Continue to promote technological innovation and growth.

Success Factors:

  • Obtain Computing Capacity to 1-10 TFlops
  • Gain a ranking in the top 100 in Academic Computing


Objective 1.1: Expand Existing Hardware

  • Expand cluster to 256 cores (32 servers) (1.3 TFlops)
  • Increase funding to $100,000 per year to maintain and upgrade cluster (replacement cycle every 4 years).
  • Acquire funding to build the next generation cluster using advanced 10G interconnect.

Objective 1.2: Develop tools and techniques for HPC.

  • Interact closely with researchers on campus.
  • Use new tools, techniques, and methodologies in multi-disciplinary research.

GOAL 2: Expansion of Funding:

Explore expansion of funding options.

Success Factors:

  • Enhance research-based funding.
  • Increase University HPC related funding.
  • Successfully implement Parallel and Grid Computations.


Objective 2.1: Develop Grid Computing

  • Connect to HiPCAT (High-Performance Computing Association of Texas) resources; such collaboration would increase our computing resources, thereby expanding the University’s opportunity for funding
  • Encourage local grids.

Objective 2.2: Facilitate multidisciplinary research to increase funding for HPC

  • Sponsor internal conferences for the benefit of faculty and students.
  • Aid in the preparation of grants that require high-performance computing.
  • Invite outside speakers on high-performance computing to increase the knowledge base of HPCC personnel and TSU faculty.

GOAL 3. Personnel:

Recruit and retain high-caliber personnel.

Success Factors:

  • Attain low attrition rate.
  • Expand staff size.


Objective 3.1: Recruit and retain a talented staff.

  • Encourage qualified faculty within the department to attend professional meetings and share the knowledge gained with faculty, staff, and students.
  • Create a departmental policies and procedures manual
  • Maintain state-of-the-art resources.
  • Maintain competitive salary, benefits, and opportunities.

Objective 3.2: Increase staff size

  • Encourage research projects to contribute to the cost of HPC.
  • Encourage University to contribute to cost of HPC via overhead recovery
  • Encourage multidisciplinary projects.
  • Increase HPC visibility by writing articles for the newspaper and by publicizing successes.
  • Increase capabilities of staff.

GOAL 4: Outreach:

Reach out to surrounding HBCU’s and possible small Liberal Arts universities in Texas, which are in need of HPC recourses. Collaborate with these institutions to secure needed HPC resources.

Success Factors:

• Increase collaborations with other HBCU’s in Texas

• Increase HBCU’s in Texas who use of the HPC center resources


Objective 4.1: Increase collaborations HBCU’s in Texas

  • Increase the number of Point of Contacts at Texas HBCU’s
  • Increase the number of publications that are reported by these faculty researcher using the centers resources.
  • Increase collaborative funding for HPC equipment: NSF-MRI, NSF-CRI, DOD-DURIP and ARO

Objective 4.2: Increase HBC center use

  • Increase the number of HBCU’s with a reciprocation agreement with Texas Southern University.
  • Increase the number of faculty at Texas HBCU’s who use the centers resources

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