About Us

Texas Southern University's High Performance Computing Center (TSU-HPCC) was established in 2008 to promote research and teaching on campus through integrating leading-edge high performance computing and visualization for the faculty, staff and students of Texas Southern University.

The HPCC provides consulting and assistance to campus researchers with experimental software and/or hardware needs. We also provide training in parallel and grid computing. HPCC will serves as a liaison between various teams that are engaged in research. We work to support, configure and port applications to HPCC resources.

HPCC has computational resources which include two Linux clusters. Ares, installed in December 2008 has sixteen dual-slot quad-core nodes with Intel Xeon 5350 2.0 Ghz processors with 8 Gigabyes of memory connected via dual Gigabit ethernets. The full parallel cluster has a total of 128 cores and a total memory of 128 Gigabytes, with a peak speed of 0.672 Teraflops.

Hades, installed on January 2010, has eight dual slot hyperthreaded quad core nodes with the Intel E5520 2.33 GHz Xeon Processor with 12 Gigabyes of Memory connected via a 10 Gigabit ethernet using an Utra low latency Arista 7124S switch. The full parallel cluster has a total of 128 virtual cores and a total memory of 96 Gigabytes, with a peak speed of 0.783 Teraflops.

We are working to expand these resource to enhance research and teaching at Texas Southern University.


TSU Title III Upgrade Ares Custer: $60,000 grant
Welch Foundation Ares Cluster: $16,000 grant
Marathon Oil SGI Origin 3400 and SGI Onyx 3400: equipment donation
National Science Foundation Upgrade of Ares and Hades Cluster: $220,000 grant


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